Kacper Wierzbicki

Kacper Wierzbicki


Kacper is a Vue Storefront Core Team Member and Full-stack developer at Divante with over 10 years of experience in web development. He is extremely passionate about e-commerce, technology and design. Open source projects are what excites him the most, particularly Vue.js related.

Presentation: Open Source, eCommerce PWA for Magento2 based on Vue.js

Vue-storefront is a community effort to build an open source PWA for Magento2. Divante altogether with other partners (Snow.dog, Summa Solutions, Macopedia …) is building this MIT based project for having a “native-like” app for Magento which works even without internet connection!

During the speech, we’ll cover the basics of PWA and show you some business facts behind this trend. Then we’ll go deeper into design patterns and challenges and tech-stack of creating modern Node.js/Vue.js applications. In the end, we’ll show you some live demo of vue-storefront!