Jisse Reitsma speaker at Meet Magento Croatia PWA

Jisse Reitsma


Jisse is the main extension developer and founder of Yireo. He makes a living by helping Magento developers get control over Magento 2 and related technologies. Yireo has organized developer conferences like MageTestFest and Reacticon, plus local usergroups and hackathons in The Netherlands. For this, Jisse was awarded Magento Master Mover 2017 & 2018. Currently, besides trainings and extensions, he is busy with the ExtDN (Magento Extension Developer Network) group that tries to increase extension quality and extension interoperability. Read the interview with Jisse HERE

Presentation: Connecting GraphQL to your own React project

Now that Magento 2.3 will add a new GraphQL API to the core and now that PWA Studio becomes more mature, it is time to start playing with React. Obviously, the best way of learning how to build Magento PWAs is to build a PWA with Magento. However, there are many more hybrid scenarios possible that allow you to build React-based projects, choose your own GraphQL client (like ApolloClient) and allow you to fetch data from Magento and import it into your site as you see fit. This talk focuses on smaller PWAs that don’t need too much fluff but simply are based on React and use GraphQL to pull in data from Magento.