Antonija Tadic

Antonija Tadić


As a Project Manager at Inchoo, Antonija is driving their clients' success in eCommerce with coordination of the overall eCommerce solution lifecycle and by leading cross-functional collaboration between departments. She is a certified Magento Solution Specialist for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. Before joining Inchoo, Antonija has finished Computer Science college in her hometown Osijek. Today, aside from work, she is very passionate about organizing conferences about women empowerment for the local community.

Presentation: What does it take to build a successful client-agency relationship?

In a joint case study, Jonathan and Antonija will share a story of how KEH Camera and Inchoo met, what bumps on the road they experienced, and how they have managed to stay strong and constantly improve their relationship over the last 4 years. The study will be accompanied by many real-life examples from the project delivery.