Bringing Magento to the home of Inchoo

We are beyond excited that this year, second year in a row, Meet Magento Croatia found its place under the Slavonian sun, in the heart of Osijek.

As some of you already know, Osijek is also the homeland of Inchoo green.

Apart from being a town Inchooers call home, Osijek is the largest city in Slavonia which makes it an administrative, industrial and cultural centre of the county of Osijek-Baranja.

During your stay, we suggest you take a walk in the Osijek gardens and promenades along the Drava river. Also, if you don’t try the fish stew, shepherd’s stew, spicy “kulen” sausage and smoked ham (and then there is the wine!) in one of Osijek’s restaurants, then you haven’t been to Osijek!

The conference itself will take place in Hotel Osijek which is in an ideal position from where to start exploring Osijek, and then Slavonia and Baranja, a region with many undiscovered territories. Whichever direction you take first, it is impossible to get lost.


Hotel Osijek, Šamačka 4, 31000 Osijek

So, how to reach Hotel Osijek?

You can travel by bus with Flixbus that drives directly from Budapest’s airport to Osijek.Or use some of the other transportations:


As simple as putting the location into your GPS device or checking out Google Maps

Highways Zagreb-Osijek   (or Belgrade-Osijek)

Highway Ljubljana-Zagreb – Osijek

International traffic route Budapest – Pecs – Beli Manastir – Osijek

BY TRAIN (Schedule)

Zagreb – Osijek

Belgrade (via Vinkovci) – Osijek

Split – Zagreb – Osijek


Osijek Airport in Klisa (20 km from Osijek)

Airport Franjo Tudjman in Zagreb (280 km from Osijek)

Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade (247 km from Osijek)

Airport Liszt Ferenc in Budapest (278 km from Osijek)