When and where is Meet Magento taking place?

September 28th – 29th 2018 in the heart of Slavonia, in a beautiful city Osijek, Croatia.

Who will be there?

Hopefully, you. But also, Magento developers, lovers and enthusiasts along with eCommerce agencies and merchants wanting to upgrade, polish or build their webshops from scratch. This means you will have a chance to meet 150-200 people from the vibrant Magento and eCommerce community growing daily, both in the world and in Croatia alike.

What’s this conference about?

If you’ve been around Magento, you already know that Meet Magento events are all about connecting Magento developers, agencies and merchants. Bringing latest Magento news and trends along with offering solutions to your eCommerce challenges will be our primary goal during this 2-day conference.

What are the prices, and are there any discounts, specials, early birds?

Glad you asked! If you book your ticket before May 31st 2018, you got it at the Early Bird price of 120 EUR (VAT included)! If you book your ticket until September 15th, you got it at the Standard price of 145 EUR (VAT included). And finally if you book it Last minute for 170 EUR (VAT included).

What’s included in the ticket price?

Your ticket covers the entire Meet Magento Croatia experience which means you get full access to all keynotes, sessions and workshops during the conference. You will also be able to mingle around our sponsor area where you can ask questions regarding eCommerce or Magento right on the spot – make sure to use that time wisely! Don’t worry, we got you covered with Friday’s lunch, all coffee breaks and the main networking/party event. The only thing that’s left is to take care of the accommodation.

Do you have any suggestions for the accommodation?

We sure do! We even got you a discount price if you decide to stay in hotel Osijek which is a hotel where the conference itself will take place. Here is an application form for staying at Hotel Osijek so you can book your stay once you register for the conference. After you fill the application, send it to info@hotelosijek.hr

When will the conference start and when will it end?

We’ll officially start with registration on Friday (September 28th) morning at 9:00, and we’ll be all done on Saturday (September 29th) by 15:00 the latest.

Ok, sounds great – so, where do I get the tickets?

Simply click on our Register page and you’ll see all the options there – you can pay with your credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted) or via a bank transfer.

We’re a company, paying for several of our developers, and we need a VAT invoice – is this provided?

Of course, during the registration/checkout process, we ask you for your company name and VAT number so we can prepare and send the commercial invoice once the payment is made, regardless of the payment option you’ll select.

Are there any further discounts available, e.g. for larger delegations?

We can always talk numbers, but if you are really planning to send over a larger delegation (4 attendees or more), let us know – we have something special in store for you!

Will there be daily or track-specific passes for the conference available or is it all or nothing?

It’s all or nothing. There’s only one kind of a ticket, and that’s the one for the entire conference. You can opt to join us for just one day, but you’ll still need to get the regular ticket.

I don’t have a web shop yet but I’m thinking about setting it up – can I still sign up for the conference?

Of course you can. You can certainly learn a lot from everyone who will be here, and you’ll see that we’re all a very friendly bunch – so this would be a great place to get the latest insights into Magento as a platform and network your brains out!

So where’s Osijek and how do I get there?

Osijek is located in the beautiful county Osijek-Baranja, right in the heart of Slavonia. This means it’s close to Zagreb, Belgrade and Budapest airport which makes it easy to reach in a matter of hours after you land.

Are there any car rental companies you would suggest?

We’ve struck a deal with one car rental company and they’re offering a 25% discount on list prices for Meet Magento Croatia attendees – the company is Pulse and you can check out their website for vehicles and prices – to make the actual reservation at a discount, you will need to contact their representative directly and let them know you are coming to Meet Magento. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll get you in touch!

What about parking? Is it available at the hotel?

Yes it is! Daily parking tickets at the hotel are available to hotel guests for 49,00 kn (app 6,5 EUR). If you won’t be staying at hotel Osijek but are coming by car, there are plenty of inexpensive parking options in the close vicinity to the hotel itself.

I have an awesome product/service that I’d like to present to all the Magento merchants and developers that will attend, what sponsorship options do you have?

We have prepared several sponsorship packages – for now, before we set up a Sponsors page, you can contact us directly at meet.magento@inchoo.net and we’ll send over all the options for you to become a sponsor of Meet Magento Croatia 2017!