Call for speakers

You believe you have a story worth sharing?
Great! But maybe next year!

We would like to say thank you to all of you who have signed up and congratulate to those who became speakers at this year’s Meet Magento conference, and with this very words, we are closing the call for speakers for this year!

In the meantime, you can read what will you be able to hear about in this year’s Meet Magento.

We will hear all about eCommerce tips & tricks, how to handle new technologies (PWA for example), pointers for getting around and about Magento 2 and overall expertise which derived from working with major national and international clients.

Meet Magento Croatia 2018 will be the perfect place for knowledge sharing.


By sharing successful case studies or their knowledge and expertise, all of the speakers will have a chance to inspire developers, IT experts and store owners with a technical background. There will be a tackle on the latest technologies, with emphasis on Magento 2, right there on the stage! Hot topics and keywords are security, scalability, integrations, internationalization, performance, PWA.

NOTE: All tech talks will be presented in English!


In this part, we will be able to hear everything that can help merchants optimize their business and all that will be done by sharing tips & tricks from the eCommerce world. Best practices in analytics, advertising, mobile and social commerce, omnichannel and alike will only be the part of the greater knowledge that we will be able to acquire.

NOTE: Business track will be tailored specifically for the Croatian market, our primary focus was to find local speakers on the business topics who will deliver their presentations in Croatian language. However, there will be room for some of the important topics from international speakers as well.