Tsvetan Stoychev

Senior Magento Backend Developer ePetWorld GmbH

Tsvetan has been working on Magento projects since 2009 and he is currently a Magento Senior Developer at ePetWorld GmbH. He’s authored a couple of open source Magento modules whose aim is to speed up the developer’s work. He loves to go out of traditional developer’s comfort zone and discuss and implement ideas directly with the marketing, sales and product departments.

  • Saturday March 18th, 2017

    Development Track

    Revamping Magento 1.x RWD to achieve better front-end performance

    I would like to share my insights from a journey of optimising Magento 1.x RWD in the hope that this can help you reduce your customer bounce rate and provide a better shopping experience. My journey started as an experiment when I tried to accomplish better front-end performance than a competitor had. A couple of quick modifications of the Magento 1.x RWD theme earned me a slightly higher score in the Google PageSpeed Test tool. Then I decided should continue and check how far I could go. In about 2 days, I had already scored nearly 100% in the Google PageSpeed Test tool.