Rene Krasnic Velicki

Rene Krasnić Velicki

Zlatarnice Karat

Rene is Sales and Marketing Manager at Karat Jewelry, a family-run manufacture and retail of gold, silver and platinum jewelry. She is also the lead designer for new product lines. Her previous experiences include KPMG in Zagreb and Barclays Capital in London, and she holds a Masters degree in International Management from King's College in London. She loves Instagram and she used it very early on for her business, making it the main online sales channel, even with an existing web shop. Read the interview with Rene HERE.

Presentation: How to use Instagram to drive your sales?

Rene has successfully modernized the marketing channels for her family business and doing so mostly with the help of Instagram. Even without a top quality web store, she succeeded to reach the international market and managed to build a high-quality and recognizable brand for her target audience. At the conference, you will have the opportunity to find out what she has learned by using Instagram as the main marketing tool, what are the pros and cons of using it and which eCommerce trends are popular in the fashion jewelry industry.