Oscar Recio

Óscar Recio


Óscar Recio is the Magento Technical Director at Interactiv4. His first contact with Magento was in 2009, and it became his main framework in 2011. He has worked with large companies transforming their way of selling and improving their sales channels to keep growing. An active member of the community, who loves contributing, sharing knowledge and ideas but, above all, learning from others. Read the interview with Óscar HERE

Presentation: Zero Downtime in Magento 2, It’s Possible?

Magento 2 came as a challenge because it completely changed the way to deploy, compared to Magento 1. In the talk, we will learn how to deploy Magento 2 without suffering a “heart attack”. We will go through a live deployment and learn the best practices to carry out the automation of your deployments in Magento 2. However, the main question of the presentation will be if it is possible to get zero Downtime?