Milutin Zrnić

Business Unit Manager Perpetuum Mobile

Executive board member and Infrasctructure and Applicative Soutions Department Manager at Perpetuum Mobile. Milutin started developing first eCommerce solutions as a private entrepreneur back in 1999 when people in Croatia still saw no difference between internet and teletext. Since then he is actively involved in planning and development of IT projects of various types and sizes. Given the fact he is not a developer (used to be but ran away from it fast), he had to engage in some impossible missions along the way, such as aligning the expectations and attitudes of clients and development teams, making sure they pull together to complete the project. And achieving an environment in which everyone is actually happy with the end result.

  • Friday March 17th, 2017

    Business Track

    Kako stvoriti win-win okruženje (panel)

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