Bartek Igielski

Lead Frontend Developer Snowdog

I’m a Lead Front-end Developer at Snowdog, where I try to keep our front-end spec ops team in good shape and push technology limits forward. Author and maintainer of Frontools and SASS version of Blank Magento 2 theme.

Privately sleep addicted geek, possibly even nerd, new technology freak, science fan. Likes good music, medium-rare beef and doing unusual things, especially related with sports. Fascinated about design, UX, business, politics… maybe just whole world. HERE you can read the interview with the speaker.

  • Friday March 17th, 2017

    Development Track

    State of Magento 2 Frontend

    In this presentation I will present the current state of Magento 2 front-end. As we all know, a lot of changes have been made since Magento 2 came out (the entire LESS vs SASS debate as just one of many topics that were raised in the recent months). I have been personally involved in the "“Moving from LESS to SASS” project that is being worked on within Magento community so I will share some more details on the state of that project, but also some of the most recent decisions that have been made about the path Magento 2 is taking with frontend and how it will affect both developers and Magento partner companies.