Meet Magento is a common name for community-driven events that help Magento, one of the best eCommerce platforms out there, a great deal with internationalization and market growth. It’s the perfect place for getting the latest news on everything Magento and eCommerce related and an ideal spot to help your web shop flourish!

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen many new countries join in and we are proud to say Croatia is boarding the same train as of 2017.


Meet Magento events have been organized in more than 20 countries so far (you can check the schedule here if you want a heads up on what ticket to book next 😉 ). While there are local event partners who actually put everything together, it all started with a small group of enthusiasts gathered around Netresearch company based in Leipzig who organized the first Meet Magento Germany.

They were soon joined by Guido Jansen and Dutchento who pulled off Meet Magento Netherlands – and these two are now the longest-running events of the Magento ecosystem. So, they are the brains behind all of the Meet Magento events.

The one which will be organized in Osijek, Croatia is brought to you by Inchoo, a full service eCommerce agency with HQ in the heart of aforementioned city. Given the fact we’ve specialized in Magento over the past 8 years in business, and have been Magento partners since 2010, we couldn’t be more excited to bring the Magento community to our home and kindle discussions on eCommerce trends in the upcoming year.


After we’ve put together an event for Magento developers only in April 2016 (you can read all about Developers Paradise impressions here), Meet Magento seemed like the only logical thing to do next.

We are proud that, for the very first time, #RealMagento community will have an event aimed specifically to learning, networking and sharing about Magento in Croatia. Bringing this eCommerce giant here is no small task and we’re not taking it lightly. Preparations for #MM17HR (the official conference hashtag) already began as we know it will take a lot of hard work to put this event on the Meet Magento map!

Make sure not to miss it, though! You can book your place here now or help us out by sharing good #MM17HR vibes on Twitter. After all, we all want as many Magento experts and enthusiasts as possible in one place, now don’t we? 😉