Jisse Reitsma will be sharing his knowledge on “Connecting GraphQL to your own React project” – MM18HR will be burning from hot PWA topics!

For a second year in the row, Jisse will be joining us on the stage of Meet Magento Croatia with “Connecting GraphQL to your own React project”. His expertise in driving innovation throughout the Magento ecosystem and dedication to delivering best-in-class implementations earned him the Mover title in Magento Masters program.

We are lucky his spy career didn’t work out!

Jisse Reitsma will be sharing his knowledge on “Connecting GraphQL to your own React project” - MM18HR will be burning from hot PWA topics!

Jisse, first of all, congratulations on being recognized as a Mover in Magento Masters program! Considering all the effort you give to the community and the platform itself, there’s no doubt you are one of the individuals that deserves this title! Where do you find the time to contribute with all the work and projects you’re involved with?

It is quite an honor to be a Magento Master. And it is part of the recognition by the community, which is again one of the reasons why I do what I do. Where do I find the time for all of the stuff that I do? I don’t know! It just happens. I see myself as capable of working hard and to make life simple, I just work hard. And every time that you have the feeling that you lack time, just take a breathe and enjoy what you’re doing. This makes life in the Magento community for me a rush – I love it!

Why Magento? For you, what makes it so special to put all of this energy into everything around it?

I have to say Magento 1 was important to my business, my way of making money. However, Magento 2 has changed a lot for me. It showed me a new learning curve, new things I could become good at, more focus on developer stuff. I guess I’m a nerd, I get energy out of technical things. And Magento 2 has so much to offer that I can’t stop learning.

How did your IT career even start? What did you want to be “when you grow up”?

I wanted to be a spy. And then a scientist. And then a cafe owner. I wanted many things in the past. However, I think my actual career started when I wanted to become something (an IT person) and then actually started to work to reach that goal. My first steps were behind a dark terminal with green letters, trying to work my way around a bash terminal of a PC running Debian somewhere in Australia in 1998. That’s when I got hooked into open source, and IT in general.

This year you are bringing an interesting piece of knowledge and expertise to share with our audience at MM18HR. What’s behind the presentation’s title “Connecting GraphQL to your own React project”?

Magento 2.3 brings us the early stages of Magento PWA Studio (a React environment to build webshops with app-like behaviour) and a new GraphQL API. While many developers will be eager to start playing with PWA Studio, it might not be for everybody. And even worse, PWA Studio might not be stable either. However, the Magento 2.3 development branch now already ships with GraphQL API endpoints for products and categories and you can already start building things on top of it. So, I’m going to give a walk through of how to setup and use GraphQL with Magento 2.3 and then how to use it in your own React project, without needing to wait for the PWA Studio project. And whatever you learn now about React and GraphQL comes in handy when Magento PWA Studio is actually there.

For those who will not be able to attend MM18HR, what would be the key takeaways from your presentation?

PWA is hot, PWA is going to change the world we live it, PWA is the next big thing. Apart from the hype (with which you can disagree), it is important for a Magento developer to stay up to date with React and GraphQL: They offer a new way of building Magento frontends, without any of the old fluff of the past. But it is needed to gain experience with this: You need to start playing with React and GraphQL. My talk is part of many other talks that hand developers tips and tricks to start with all of this. Let the fun begin!

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